No, I am NOT a Professional Steeplejack, but if you want to have BIG

ANTENNAS, then you need to help your friends have Big Antennas.

Here, I am putting the finishing touches on Alex's (KE4BUS) latest




This is my antenna arrangement.  It is important to note that my tower is 100 feet high,

and it is over 200 feet BEHIND the house.  At the top is a 6 element 6m beam by C3I,

below it is the rare 1 1/2 element KLM 40m Beam.  High wind damaged the somewhat

light weight KLM this year.  The bottom Array is an Opti-Beam OB16-3 tri-band Yagi.

The German made antenna has 8 elements on 10m, 4 elements on 15m, and 4 elements

on 20m.  Unseen in this photo is the rotor, which is an M2 Orion computer controlled rotator.


By my priority, you can see that I feel very strongly that

the antennas are the single most important part of ANY

Radio station and especially a Ham Radio station setup for DXING.


I started my web page out with antennas because my domain name is my Amateur Radio

Callsign.  I have lots of various interests, but Ham Radio has been a big part of my life

for many years.  Not as many years as my Darling wife, Martha.


Currently, we reside in Prince William County, VA in a nice little community back a gravel

road called French Ford Drive.  Soon, we hope to sell out and move back down south.




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